This is the privacy policy of company name. We do everything in accordance to our values, including how you data has been used.

We use your personal data to evaluate your engagement to content provided and to inform marketing and advertising.

We collect your data so that we are able to provide you the services you needed, including subscriptions. Moreover, we do it to analyze and perform a marketing analysis with your permission, or by law. Other than that, your personal data provides you relevancy to the content you want to see.

About this Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy explains why and how we use your personal information to provide you the services, accessed through any electronic device.

Your personal data is anything that can define you. It can include:

Name, date of birth, email address, phone number, mobile number.

Device information such as IP Address, Location, operating system, time zone settings and other platforms that you may have accessed to gather information via email and/or social media.

Sometimes other links to third parties website are linked to our website. If you decide to clic on such events, please refer to their privacy policy on their website.

What personal data we collect and how we use it

We collect your personal data when you visit our website. This information is used to analyze our content, show advertisements and analyze how visitors collect information through us. When you visit our website, we collect

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Limited social media profile data.
  • When you visit our website, we may or may not assign you a unique id number to recognize you when you are active on our website. We may use cookies or any other data collecting device when you visit our website.
  • Your IP Address- A digital code that describes information on your region, city, country.
  • Your browsing details of the content you have accessed on our website, Moreover, information on you were directed to our website via other networks.

Some of our services might include extra filtration of our available content that tailors information according to your preference.

We will not collect data that reveals your gender, political preference, religion or health until you grant us the permission to do so.
If you visit our website via other social media networks like Facebook, you grant the permission to Facebook to share your profile data that is public. This includes you name, age range and access to Facebook profile link. If you visit our website via Google, you allow us to access your full name, age range, your Google profile link and your Google profile photo, if there is any.

We use this information then to create your own profile on our website for out use only.

When you post any comment on our website publicly under any article, your public information and profile is accessible to everyone. This can be viewed by anybody. When participating in any public forum, we advise you not to share any personal information that can be directly use to identify you such as name, age, gender, and ethnicity. We are not responsible to protect the information you provide on our public forums and any other part of our website.

How we collect your personal data

  • We can collect your data through such various mediums:
  • Subscribe to our editorial emails;
  • Attend our event;
  • Enter our surveys and competitions;
  • Use mobile/laptop or any other medium to access our website;
  • Accessing our website through cookies and other similar technologies ;
  • When you contact us on our official website, via email, phone number, fax, or any other technology.

Why we use your personal data

We use your personal data for the following multiple reasons:

To provide you the services you subscribed for. We also use it for company’s internal operations like records and accountancy. To inform you about updates on our services.

To perform marketing communications by your permission, and when permissible by law.

To customize your profile according to your settings and preferences.

To conduct marketing surveys to analyze viewer’s preference. To understand better what you would like to see on our website.

We use a technology similar to cookies to know whether you have opened any marketing or social emails.
For our website’s statistical performance

To sell advertisement on our website.

To prevent our website from potential harm, security and prevent frauds.

Access permissions from website

From your Android and iOS mobile phone, we ask permission to access your microphone, contact details, camera and/or profile on phone.

Security of Your Personal Data

We protect your information via technical controls. We protect it against unauthorized processing and against damage. Protecting your passwords is your responsibility. When you choose a password for the account through which you are accessing our website, make sure your password is secure. We do not recommend sharing it with any other personnel. We recommend you do not repeat passwords for various accounts. We perform best practices to secure your data, however, we are not responsible for breach of privacy. You are solely responsible for providing the personal information.

Who We Share Your Personal Data With

We do not share your personal data to organizations that are not directly linked to us unless:

It is a law enforcement agency, courts or any other government regulatory authority upon request as we are obliged to do so.

We can also share your personal information to marketing agencies that are our advertising partners.

If you attend any our event on internet and/or physically, we may share your information with partnering organizations of the event.

Any organization or website that ought to use your personal data via our website, a highly strict contract will be maintained between both parties to protect your rights and data. If Facebook Plug-ins are used, they may be able to know whether or not you have accessed our website or not. They can connect your visits on our websites to you profile on their website. Read their privacy policy to have a better understanding on how these organizations use your information.

We can keep your personal data to ourselves as long as we feel the need to.

Online Advertisement

Advertisement is based on the cookies and similar technologies used by the website.

Our relevant content is because of customized advertisement. Your browsing patterns show you your preferable content and your activities on our website.

For personalized advertisement, your email id, name, or phone number is not used for marketing online. Advertisement is shown on our website via the cookies that advertise stuff that interests you.

Advertisement on site(s)

We advertise content that interests each one of you. You may be able to see ads on our sites. Moreover, you can see our services on other social platforms and third party sites.

Your Rights on Your Information Provided

You can contact us inquire us about the personal information that you have provided us:

You can demand us a copy of all the information that we have of you. You can also inquire and show concern us if you feel like we have false or unnecessary information about you. For this you can contact or email us. No fee will be charged on inquiring and requesting a copy of your information. However, on frequent inquiries we may ask you to pay us a reasonable amount of fee.

You have the access to draw any information that you have provided us with your consent at any point.

You can also exercise the right to ask us to delete your personal data. You can also ask us to restrict the use of your personal information.

You can also change your settings to stop us from using your personal information.

However, a procedure will be followed to ensure your satisfaction. You would also have to prove your identity for us so that we can proceed further.