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The freelance industry is at a boom in almost every country. It is a perfect way to maintain a balance between work and personal lifestyle. While it has many benefits, a drawback that freelancers face is an official, direct and constant employer-employee relationship.


Even the permanently hired freelancers do not have access to availing employer-sponsored benefits like health plans.  As a freelancer, you must eradicate the misconception of not getting an insurance or consider not getting it at all. A popular way for freelancers to get insurance is short term health insurance.


What Actually Is Short Term Health Insurance Plan?

A limited duration plan is also often referred to as short term insurance plan. It is available for a shorter period of time. It is availed to look after your medical emergencies in the most basic and temporary manner. People often also adopted these plans when they were switching jobs or were just started to look for one.


Why A Freelancer Should Get This Particular Insurance?

Firstly, if you are making a handsome amount of money which disqualifies you to opt for Medicaid and you do not want to invest a lot on insurance, you must get a short term health insurance plan. Secondly, you do qualify for a marketplace insurance. The only problem is that it costs you a lot more than other available options.


What Will It Cover?

The short term health insurance plans unlike market place health insurance do not cover all basic 10 essential health benefits. The short term benefits do not include:

  1. Prescribed drugs
  2. Preventative care
  3. Hospitalization
  4. Mental Health
  5. Prenatal or Maternity care.

How to Find the Best Policy?

You must know that even though getting this insurance is the best option for you, you must not get the wrong policy. Moreover, you must know well what you will be offered on what price and whether or not the policy maker has your best interest at heart.


To find the best option available, you must practice some important activities. Firstly, you get different quotes from different policy makers and companies. Secondly, you ask them for an application fee.

Thirdly, you must ask them if there is a penalty for cancelling the policy before stated time. Moreover, Will there be a waiting list before the coverage begins. Other than that, Ask about the conditions for access to service, do you have to use their network? Where can you get service from? Lastly, like any other policy, make sure to check the rating of the insurance company.


How Long Is the Short Term Insurance?’


Typically, you avail a policy of short term insurance for upto 12 months. You may be able to get an extension to a maximum of 36 months.


The criteria and duration might varies with states. Get information about the duration in your state before making the final decision.


So, did you get your head around this issue and decided to finally get a health insurance? If not, please refer to other articles and gather more useful information on how and why you must get a suitable health insurance policy for yourself.

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