Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our digital media/news website. These are the terms and conditions, which you can access in different ways.  The terminologies “You”, “Your”, “Client” or “Deraywal.com” implies the person accessing the website. “Deraywal.com”, “Us”, “We” and “Ourselves” refers to our Company. You accessing our website implies that you agree to out terms and conditions. Moreover, by accessing the website the company and you have constituted an agreement of this privacy policy.
Use of Material
It is permissible that the content you are using is for personal and/or uncommercialized. You concede between company and you, other than user content and advertisements, we are the sole owner of all content on deraywal.com, including all implied copyrights, trademarks, patents and logos. This also includes intellectual property, with texts, images, videos, audios and graphics. You are allowed to download and/or print the material on website for personal or uncommercialized use only, only if you abide copyrights, content by any author. It is not permissible to use our content in any other purpose without our written permission.
Liability Disclaimer

To the degree allowed by law, we do not accept responsibility of any statement on our website. Nothing that appears on the website id upon request on any particular personality. We are not liable for your loss that is caused by your doing, or not doing, anything that has resulted in viewing or watching content on deraywal.com. You may access other websites via link on ours. However, we do not take responsibility of any other website in any supposed way.
We maintain the quality of uninterrupted access to website. However, we do not accept responsibility if there is a failure in doing so by us.

The data on Deraywal.com is not acquired by first hand sources. It is obtained through various press releases, news channels and other news websites. We do not claim copyright of such content. Since everyone else in the industry is using press release content too, we do not exercise copyright claims on this particular content. Most of the government press releases are already published as a public domain. Any stated press release by any government that entitles “for public release” becomes public property. Therefore, we do not claim copyrights of any such content. Moreover, any press release or news that contain stats, facts or figures cannot be copyrighted neither by us nor by any other third party. We may or may not cite the above mentioned content to its original source.

Third party advertisement

Advertising material is submitted to deraywal.com by third parties. We are not responsible for the advertising material but the advertiser.  You can contact us directly via email if you want to have your website’s advertisement on ours.

User Content

Users are permitted to submit content on our website in different areas. You will be advised to maintain set community standards and guidelines while submitting your content. It will be assumed that you have created the content and you represent, with having the permission of the owner of the website, after submitting your content.

The content owner will own the copyrights of the content, however, we will automatically be granted an unconditional, royalty-free, fully transferable and irrevocable worldwide license to use/ publish/ analyze and/or transmit your content in any possible form, known or unknown.

We and/or third party are authorized to refuse, cut and/or edit the content provided by you. No liability will be accepted by deraywal.com or third parties on user’s content.


You pledge not to submit content that causes defamation to any other person, is harassing, offensive and/or deceptive.

You agree to:

  1. Not post offensive content.
  2. Not to deliberately post content to harass or harm others
  • Not to show discrimination against any race, class or state.
  1. Not to upload content that in any way constitutes to encouraging criminal conduct or rises civil liability.

If you are under 16, we assume that you have permission from your parents to access our website.

Use of Cookies

The cookies on our website collect user details on every visit. We use cookies in some areas of the website to engage and analyze which one of the user is prone to what kind of content. By visiting our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

Removal of Content

If any content on our website is deemed inappropriate/offensive/objectionable, you are advised to contact us. We are not obligated to respond to such request, however, each request will be given its due consideration.

Reservation of Rights

We reserve all rights in sole discretion to order you to remove all content or links to deraywal.com. It is obligatory for you to remove them on priority basis. By visiting/viewing our website you are agreeing to all terms and conditions. The company may or may not update the terms and conditions without notifying you.

No waiver

If the company fails to implement any of the terms and conditions, it will not be deemed as a waiver of any right of the company.

Data Protection

To have a good knowledge of how and when we use your personal data, please go through our Privacy Policy provided on the website.